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"Her group was and has continued to be very helpful in updating and improving our property for rental, managing our property and securing quality tenants. Tenant issues and repair requests are efficiently handled. Very good communications with quick response." Regards, R. Price, Landlord

"Just wanted to update you on the house. We have all utilities and home insurance set up and ready to take effect as of Tuesday 10/14/08 when we close after the walk through. I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help and hard work. We are so excited about the house. Thank you again, I was able to contact all the utilities you referred me too and set up everything really easily. The ladies at Stewart Title have been great to work with and very nice. Eileen, you have been awesome through the years with our trials and tribulations of our home search. Once again I can't express enough how grateful we are to have everything so professionally and efficiently handled. Not to mention so quickly! I think we are celebrating with a pseudo carpet picnic Tuesday if you would like to join us after everything is done with a toast of wine...We will toast for you too Eileen. Thanks again!" The Morris Family

"Thank you for all your hard work and excellent communication. It was a pleasure working with you." Regards, Karl Van Gool, HFS Financial

The Citrons are our Heroes

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You went above and beyond to make sure I didnt have to go to Plantation for our closing!" Janet & Jared

"I want to thank you again for helping us find the perfect place until we buy. It literally could not be better." Dave & Robin Borean

The McClarys are our Heroes

"Homes for Heroes counseled us through the very frustrating process of buying a home during a period when most of the inventory for sale is short-sales and foreclosed properties. In the end, we found our dream home. Especially now with all the economic uncertainty, we need to save as much money as we can. That is why I would encourage my fellow Police officers and Military brethren to check out the extraordinary service and savings at Homes for Heroes." Police Sgt. Steven Blackwell and Police Officer Katie Blackwell, Active Duty National Guard and Two-Tour Vets of Iraq

"Eileen has helped me take my company from obscurity to one that is now recognized with respect in our local real estate community. Her organizational skills are 2nd to none! She is one of the most compassionate and enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is very involved with almost every civic & charitable organizations in the Greater Lake County area. She is always volunteering for something in an effort to help people learn more and reach their maximum potential. To put it mildly, Eileen is a genuine blessing to all she comes in contact with." D. Morehead, Broker

Homes for Heroes Closing ... "I just wanted to say "Thank You" for changing your schedule today to be with us today at closing. Once again you have gone above and beyond. You ask how? Many phone calls, texts and e-mails all hours of the night and during your classes and meetings." Osceola County Sheriff

"Homes for Heroes sold my home in one day for more than I expected. Then they found a home for my fiancee' and me a few days later-our dream home. Both transactions went as smoothly as could be. Then they gave us $4500 at closing. I can't see why anyone in law enforcement or firefighting would not take advantage of this program." The Feroni's

"Homes for Heroes offers workforce housing solutions by way of incredible rebates. We received over $4,000 at closing to be used toward our down payment and closing costs. Though the service costs were cut, the service was not. There is no extra paper work or guidelines." The Hoskins'

"Eileen's company, Scates Realty, is the property manager for the home my husband and I are renting. She provides excellent customer service and is very attentive to our needs as tenants. Eileen has been a blessing to me and my husband!" Dee & Bryan, Osceola County, FL

"As a prominant home inspector, I work with hundreds of realtors. Eileen has proven herself to be very reliable, personable and very easy to work with. She has an excellant reputation on and off the job. All reviews of Eileen are top quality. I would recommend Eileen for all your real estate needs." Tom Kleinschnitz

"Eileen is a professional, helpful, and honest real estate agent. She wants what is best for her clients. I appreciate the knowledge that she is willing to share and she makes it easy to understand." Dr. Reynolds

We recently completed the sale of our home with Eileen Scates as our agent and we are delighted to recommend her. Her calmness, persistence and professionalism kept the deal on track and helped us close with a good selling price based on current market conditions. When we were searching for a real estate agent we were referred to Eileen by a mortgage broker, and after meeting with her we understood why, Eileen is genuine... warm, compassionate, focused, down to earth, but always professional. Even though the dynamics of our sale were stressful at times, she always had an even, calm perspective that helped us stay focus. We don't believe in chance and more than once we remarked to each other that Eileen was a Special blessing directly sent to help us through. We can't say enough good things about Eileen and how incredibly helpful she was. She will be our first choice for future transactions... there is no way to go wrong with Eileen Scates as your agent! Stan & Deann, Clermont, FL